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World's Best Shop Dog Grizz The Wizz Turns 4!

Last week Thursday March 24, 2016, worlds greatest shop dog Grizz The Wizz turned 4 years old. Yeah he got treats, played with his dog homies at his dog party. I also took a minute on Thursday to let him watch me paint a quick portrait of him on a TV found from behind the dumpster behind the art studio. It was a chance to try out my new Montana 94 colors RV-96-99. Take a look at some of his best pictures taken from this year, and the aerosol piece I painted on the TV.

Grizz_thewizz, american bully

Grizz_thewizz, american bully

Grizz_thewizz, american bully, painted tv

Grizz_thewizz, american bully, painted tv, aerosol on found object, street art, graffiti art



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