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Toms One Day Without Shoes

Last day to support! Toms is having a cool promotion that can help a lot of people. When you take a picture of your feet without shoes and use the hashtag #withoutshoes, they will give a pair to shoes to a child in need. It's the last day to do it, so do it now!  You don't even need to buy a pair. All you need to do is take a picture and share it on Social Media. Start snapping those sandy toes!


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Men's Fall style - Navy Toms Paseos & Wheat Brown Searcher Boots

Fall is here and Toms nailed it this season. Just browsing their website, it looks like their men's designers got it spot on. Check out their best sellers HERE. My friends over at HQ sent me a pair of Navy Paseos and Wheat Brown Men's Searcher Boots. I am crazy about the look of the Searcher Boot, likely because they go with everything. Oh and they are super light weight. Part of the the reason I have stayed away from boots in the past years is they're too dang heavy. Each boot clocks in at a feather light 15 ounces making it easy to wear them walking all day long. Although I thought the Searcher boots were my favorite of the two pairs, the Navy Paseos are the ones I wear the most. Flexible, comfortable and stylish, these shoes are good everyday. Check out the pictures below.




Let me know what you think about these in the comments!




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